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Phase I


From the March 2004 Octoraro Loop.

The Horseshoe Scout Reservation Alumni Association (HSRAA), as part of its effort in the Council's Capital Campaign for improvements to the Horseshoe Scout Reservation, has undertaken a major improvement of the Camp's Parade Field. The first phase of the project is nearing completion as the finishing touches are put on the head wall of the Camp Horseshoe Parade Field. This is the first phase of their major two-phase project of renovating and improving the Parade Field. The Parade Field has been looked upon as one of the most prominent features of the camp. It attracts hundreds of visitors on Saturday evening for the Retreat and Order of the Arrow Calling Out Ceremonies during Summer Camp.

Selected as the initial thrust of the project was the construction of the stone head wall with new flagpoles at the top of the wall. Work begun late last year is expected to be completed before the opening of camp. Les King, stone mason, who worked on both the Camp Horseshoe and Camp John H Ware 3rd gateways for the HSRAA is doing the stonework. Missing...

The outstanding field stone headwall, as pictured above, is approximately 92 feet long fashioned in a tapering configuration from 8 inches to about 48 inches high with steps coming down from the Rossiter Lodge and Trading Post area to the camp roadway.

Included in the Parade Field project are 14 flagpoles rising from the field stone wall.

To date there are nine Troops who have contributed funds for their respective flagpoles and will have an appropriate plaque recognizing their contributions.

The contributing Troops to date include: Paoli Troop 1, West Chester Troop 6, Malvern Troop 7, West Chester Troop 21, Devon Troop 50, Thorndale Troop 70, Valley Forge Troop 73, Willistown Troop 78 and Paoli Troop 181. May their troop flags fly smartly in the breeze!

Dick Bensing continues to take the lead in the HSRAA project that is funded by alumni/ae membership contributions.

The second phase of leveling the Parade Field and bottom wall construction will be the focus of a future year's project.

Phase III


From the October 2005 Octoraro Loop.

In October the final phase of the Horseshoe Scout Reservation Alumni Association's (HSRAA) major parade field renovation nears completion at Camp Horseshoe. This is the third year of the renovation under the management of Dick Bensing and the HSRAA.

Phase I was the construction of the stone headwall for the Parade Field with new troop flagpole stanchions. This was followed by the construction of a corresponding stonewall and steps along the Horseshoe Loop Road and the Trading Post/Office area.

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Of the three projects, the last phase was the most challenging. The parade field had to be excavated, leveled by heavy equipment and rock removed in the process. Then, topsoil was trucked to the site and distributed up to 18" in the upper portion of the Parade Field. Once this was completed, Dick Bensing's crew of volunteers raked and seeded and placed hay on the entire field. The field's grass seeding is now providing an attractive sward of grass that will mature over the winter. Recent rains resulted in practically no run-off from the field.Meanwhile the other part of Phase III is taking place at the wall and steps near the Allen Memorial Dining Hall. Here new stonework in the leader line/cedar grove area will complement the old wall and stone steps will lead off the field to the Loop Road and the dining hall.

This major work sponsored and paid for by the HSRAA will serve to highlight one of Horseshoe's memorable traditions for Scouts and visitors alike - the evening Retreat Ceremony. Members of the HSRAA can take pride in this and other improvement projects for both Camp Horseshoe and Camp John H. Ware 3rd in which they have had a vested interest.

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