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From the October 2005 Octoraro Loop.


Missing... July 16, 2005 is a date that may long be remembered in the annals of the Horseshoe Scout Reservation Alumni Association Reunions! This affair brought together campers and staff members of Camp Horseshoe and Camp John H. Ware 3rd from earlier generations. HSRAA member Jim Matthews, Master of Ceremonies, introduced the "Sump Pumps" with these stirring words:

"...Scouts, former scouts and non-scouts, this is the moment you've been waiting for. If you've never seen the Sump Pumps before, thank your lucky stars. But tonight be prepared to be dazzled and thrilled by Horseshoe's own, world famous, Sump Pumps. Tonight they've taken time out of their enormously successful Lil Freezes Over Tour to perform here at the camp to commemorate their roots here. Because they are so successful and loved, I don't need to tell you about the Sump Pumps, but I will. The Sump Pumps performed at Camp Horseshoe from '66 to '81 and then went on world tours. The Sumps have been together for 40 years now...however, most of that time they've been separated. You could say the group has evolved after being together so long. You could say it but it wouldn't make it true. They are just as fresh and immature as they were when they started."

Missing... Alumni commented: "This brought back many old memories of the opening campfires at summer camp of those days in the 1960's, 70's and 80's." "...fun times...not necessarily politically correct in today's world!" "Let your hair down, boot kickin' music and fun!" "One of the best reunions we had!" "Bring 'em back...!" Will they return? Check the coming issues of the Octoraro Loop about happenings on July 8, 2006. George Tzanakis and Chris Minshall were the Reunion Committee leaders and set up a great time for all. Special HSRAA reunion T-Shirts were available. There was song and food - great barbecue for attendees - opportunities to tour both Horseshoe and Ware and the official business meeting.

Returning "Sump Pump" alumni from 40+ years ago included: Rev .Jim Goudie and his "friend" Rusty Morgan, Dave "Yogi" Moyer, Dave Kline, John Souder, Bob Berhle, Fred Page and Jim Matthews. The instruments were finely tuned - a wash board, tub with broom handle and rope, pans, and you name it! Yes, there were guitars, harmonicas and other traditional musical devices. These skilled musicians sang such rousing songs like - Mountain Dew, Dirty Lil, Washington at Valley Forge, their "Full Medley (If you sprinkle, she's got freckles, Laredo), Papa's On The Housetop, Beedle Um Bum, among others.

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