Thursday Night Cookouts

Mark Hammond recalls, "Camp doesn't do the Thursday night cookouts anymore, but from at least 1979 and much earlier I suspect, every Thursday dinner was outside.  It was still prepared by the kitchen, but served by the rest of the staff.  For a long time, it was a strict rotation of Mexican fiesta (Tacos) and Hawaiian Luau (ham and pineapple).  The troops were encourage to return to their camp sites, dress up in Mexican/Hawaiian garb, and then return for the cookout.  I remember them generally being in campcraft and the picnic grove.  Camp stopped doing it when they made Thursdays mandatory outpost days.  From 1988 until it ended, the menu and theme varied widely (including pizza's on one occasion, hot dogs and/or hamburgers frequently)."

1985 White House Luau
1985 White House Luau

These pictures were found within Ernie Heegard's collection.  The venue for this was Thursday night cookout was a Hawaiian luau on the White House back lawn.  The meal was prepared by the Dining Hall staff and served by the general Camp staff.

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