History and Geography

89 years of camping on the shores of the Octoraro creek amounts to a lot of memories. Stroll through the halls of history and learn a bit about the people, places and events that have made an impact on the lives of thousands of Scouts since 1928.

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Welcome to the Horseshoe Scout Reservation Alumni Association Virtual Museum!  Please take a minute to learn more about the VM before visiting the various rooms filled with artifacts from HSR's rich history.  When you are ready to enter the museum, click Directory at the top of the screen.

From the majestic rolling hills to the stark beauty of the Octoraro Creek, HSR has breathtaking vistas that have been catalogued as maps and photographed by the amateurs and experts alike. 
A chronological walk down history lane, from the birth of HSR to present day.  This room supplements The Spirit of the Horseshoe room, which is a chronological narrative of HSR from 1919 - 1994.  Here, you'll find HSR in pictures through CCC's Diamond Jubilee (1994) and beyond. 

This room was opened July 18th, 2009 at the 10th Annual HSRAA Reunion in honor of G. Ernest Heegard and J.B. Rettew III.
This room is dedicated to preserving the history of Chester County Council camps prior to the developing of Horseshoe Scout Reservation as well as the history of the lands that would become Horseshoe Scout Reservation.
J. B. Rettew's book, Spirit of the Horseshoe, is a thorough history of the first 75 years of Chester County Council from 1919 through 1994. Much of that history involves the council camps. Excerpts from each chapter pertaining to the council camps have been included as exhibits in this room. The Spirit of the Horseshoe can be found in it's entirety on the main HSRAA website.
This room is dedicated the history of Camp Ware.  This camp which sits across the Octoraro from Camp Horseshoe to the east.  This Camp had its beginnings as the Explorer Base headed up by Ernie Heegard in the late 1950's.  Next it was known as Camp Jubilee and featured a different style of camping where Troop's were responsible for their own meal preparation.  In the mid-1980's the Camp was renamed to Camp Ware in honor of John H. Ware 3rd.  Today it serves as both the Council's Cub Camp and still has a couple of weeks of Scout camping.
To show pride in HSR, lots of items from t-shirts, mugs, postcards, patches and more have been adorned with symbols of Scouting and Horseshoe to remind the wearer/user/admirer that they're a part of a special place. 
Read/See/Hear all about it! This room features newsletters, press clippings, and other things written or produced by or about the Horseshoe Scout Reservation or its patrons.