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HSRAA Museum - 2004 Camp Staff
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2004 Camp Staff

A cross section of wonderful displays regarding the 2004 Camp Horseshoe and Ware staffs.

Edited by Andrew Coe  [Contribute Info]

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2004 Camp Horseshoe Staff Photos

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Camp Ware Staff Listing

2004 - Contributed by Mike DiDomenico  [Contribute Info] 

Camp Director
Jim Montich

Program Director
T.J. Nicolaides

Asst. Program Director
John Reilly

Business Manager
Don Wehry

Trading Post
Owen Connelly

Health Lodge
Sue Fisher

Joe Mahan (Dir.), Will Warram, Toby McCabe, Joe Bowers, Mike Bearly, Brenden Mulligan

Chris Alberts, Dave Petterson, Brenden Hurst

Bill Teodecki, Jon Klien

Shooting Sports
Meredith Barrett (Dir.), Lexie Byers, Jason Hammond, Jonathan Burton

Bob Fisher (Dir.), Chris Harms

Food Service
Nick Witte (Dir.), Grant Sewald, Richi Dunderman

Jesse Canderloni, Michael Heckert, Bruce Welton, Brian Kinney (unknowns)

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