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1980 Camp Staff

Memories of the 1980 Horseshoe Scout Reservation Camp Staff.

Edited by David B. Woodward  [Contribute Info]

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Camp Horseshoe Staff Photos

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Camp Jubilee Staff Photos

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Horseshoe Staff Listing

1980 - Contributed by David B. Woodward  [Contribute Info] 

Reservation Director

G. Ernest Heegard

Asst Camp Directors

Rob Hopkins (Admin), Bob McCarter (Program)

Program Director

Howard Doran

Health Lodge

Pete Motel (Director)


Joe Smith (Director), Keith Brill, Neal Sissons, Jim Vorhees (CIT), Tom Dyer (CIT), Mark Kline (CIT)


John Kemmerer (Director), Jeff Holstein, Dave Allvord, Sam Dinsmore, Jay Butler (CIT), Bob Hazzard (CIT)


Dave Woodward (Director), Paul Fegley, Mark Reynolds, Andy Morlando, Craig Berger, Jeff Goodman (CIT), Wheeler Aman (CIT)


Jim Yentz (Director), Kyle Kuhn, John Samson, Chuck Lillard, Rich Lewis (CIT), Keith Berger (CIT), Steve Motel (CIT)

OA Building Manager

George Rambo

Field Sports

Mark Siegle (Director), Alan Fegley (Director), Andy Bullock (Director), Bill Ward (Archery Director), Justin Baker (CIT), Mike Law (CIT)


Andy Fish (Director), Mike D'Antonio, Dave Allen, Keith Robbins, Todd Beale (CIT), Mike Jochum (CIT)


Dave Gurnee (Director), Tom Ross, Dan Dinsmore, Chuck Shiver (Boating Director), Karl Straub, Rich Aschenbrenner, Dave Yocom (CIT), Brad Messenger (CIT)

Dining Hall

Alan Hicks (Director), Bruce Lashbrook (Head Cook), Lester Doubts (Second Cook), Steve Ritter (Third Cook), Jim Burkhart (Dining Hall Steward), Bruce Dorhout, Dave Mayberry, Larry Wert, Ken Vespasiano, Mark McCrea, Martin Goodman, Chriss Rubincam, John Keller, Bryan Quinter, Kurt Diener, Chuck Moses, Leroy Harris, Mike Peters, Ron Sokso, Mark Mendenhall

Reservation Ranger

Roy Cole

Staff Helpers

Karl Winsch, Matt Christenson

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Jubilee Staff Listing

1980 - Contributed by David B. Woodward  [Contribute Info] 

Asst Camp Director

Rob McCarter


Bruce Robertson (Director), Gary Lynch, Steve Friedman, Jay Vertigan (CIT)


Craig Hoover

Field Sports

Mike Noel (Director), Duane Halsey, Justin Baker (CIT)

Commissary and Trading Post

Kip Volkman (Manager), Chuck Barton (CIT), Mark Tipka (CIT), Carroll Hillebrand (CIT)


Ted Jelsema (Director), Brian Hammond (CIT)


Tod Jelsema (Director), Rick Ribick (CIT)


Rich Lewis (Director), Mike Bender (CIT)

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Miscellaneous Documents

Ernie's Greetings  

Camp Director Ernie Heegard sent this letter out to all staff members to get them ready for the 1980 camp season.

1980 - Contributed by Andrew Coe  [Contribute Info] 
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