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Throughout the years, camp maps have been drawn and produced for various purposes, to highlight the camps' facilities or to direct hikers along the trail system of the reservation. Some have had a cartoonish look while others would make a cartographer proud. Some have even made it onto bandanas.

Edited by Andrew Coe  [Contribute Info]

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Camp Horseshoe Maps

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Video Maps


This large map showing the various sites of the Reservation has resided in the Camp Horseshoe Headquarters building for some time.

1995 - Contributed by John B. Rettew III  [Contribute Info] 

For new and old campers alike, the drive into Camp Horseshoe is fun and nostalgic.

2014 - Contributed by Andrew Coe  [Contribute Info] 
Here is a walk through the woods on the way to the Camp Horseshoe Chapel. 

2016 - Contributed by Mike Arles  [Contribute Info] 
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