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HSRAA Museum - 1974 Camp Staff
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1974 Camp Staff memories.

Edited by David B. Woodward  [Contribute Info]

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Horseshoe Staff Listing

1974 - Contributed by David B. Woodward  [Contribute Info] 

Reservation Director
Walter Ryan, Jr

Camp Director
G. Ernest Heegard

James Goudie (Program Dlrector), James Coyle (Camp Aide)

Business Manager
Herb Ey

Camp Ranger
George Cole

Father John Ferrence,  Jim Goudie, Rob Hopkins

Rob Hopkins (Director), Dave Ritter (Trading Post Manager), Dan Rice (Office Manager)

Food Services
Dave Cline (Director), Charlie Hicks (Head Cook), Sean Mahoney (Assistant Cook), Ken Lesley (Dining Hall Steward), Mike Moses, Dave McCowen, Joe Shirtz, Glenn Ellison, Tim Flynn, Paul Vernon, Kevin McDermott, Allen Eagles, David Bennett

Steve D'Antonio (Director), John Taylor, Gary Lorgus, Mark Cavanaugh

Matt Christenson (Director), Chuck Cline, Ed Feeney, Rich Mason

Field Sports
Bill Grubb (Director), Dave Benedict (Archery Director), Chuck Ritter

Chris Rettew (Director), Alan Fegley, Rob Harrison, Rob D'Antonio

Chuck Lawrence (Director), Sarge Hill

Dave Anderson (Director), Phil George, Pete Ross, Mike Ryan, Mark Hitchcock, John Dukovic

Health Lodge
Mike Wilson (Director)

Counselors in Training
Headquarters: Jami Darnell, Jim Rice; Nature: Pete Tunnell, Dave Woodward; Campcraft: John Broschard, John Gleichman; Maintenance: Dan Trasatti, Kevin Mahoney; Aquatics: Steve Keith, Edward McAssey; Field Sports: Steve Miller; Handicraft: John Ellison, Philip Vernon

Health Lodge Corpsmen - Naval Training Center Dispensary, Bainbridge MD
Chris Lienhart, John Scalzi, Furman Rosales, Bill Gallager, John Gallager, Pat Perry, Kim Sorenson, David Ashley, Jim Hennessey

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Jubilee Staff Listing

1974 - Contributed by Frank Keegan  [Contribute Info] 
Camp Director
Ray Pauly
Program Director
Jeff Bloss
Aquatics Director
Jim Agnew
Commissary Director
Randy Dolinger
Pool Director
Steve Kelly
Boatdocks Director
Don Dolinger
Handicraft Director
Eric Burkhart
Nature Director
George Briner
Archery Director
Gary Futcher
Maintenance Director
Russ Appler
Trading Post Director
Rich Farmer
Fred Rohrbeck, Frank Keegan, Jeff Baer, Paul Pickering

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