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HSRAA Museum - 1968 Camp Staff
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1968 Camp Staff

A collection of great artifacts from the 1968 camp staff season.

Edited by Andrew Coe  [Contribute Info]

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Camp Horseshoe Staff Listing

1968 - Contributed by Andrew Coe  [Contribute Info] 

Reservation Director
John Gronemeyer

Camp Director
G. Ernest Heegard

Program Director
John Souder

Trading Post Manager
Eric Lorgus

Office Clerk
Art Santore

Health Lodge Director
Marc Gruss

Tom Shanklin

Eagle Claw Director
Bill Marshall

Rick Walker (Dir.), Pat Mahan, Tom Flynn

Food Service
Charles Henry (Head Cook), Charles Hicks, Bob Hartman

Jack Tompkins (Dir.), Phil Swab, Chuck Matson, Lee McIlvaine (Boating Dir.)

Nature and Conservation
James Everett (Dir.), Frank Gillingham, Mike Nikodemski

Jim Goudie (Dir.), Martin H. Keller

Field Sports
Steve Daly (Dir.), Tom Lull

Purchasing Agent
George Tay

Bob Morse (Dir.), Fred Page, Ken Widdell, Bob Hopkins

Program Crew
George Gruss (Dir.), Scott Holmes, Larry Garver, David Moyer

Provisional Scoutmasters
Kim Mohn (SM), Tom Bowen (ASM)

C.I.T.s - Program
Thomas Murray, Craig Capelli, Dennis Dougherty, Gary Smith, Joe Yannic, Bill Grubb, Fred Bowen, Bob Young, Elmer Traigo, Neal Spiker, Bob Behrle, Dave Rose, Wayne Lorgus, Doug Russ, Bob Simmen, Brian Rank, Bucky Jones, Bob Young

C.I.T.s - Kitchen
Mike Flynn, Bill Stetson, Doug Hammond, Don Trone, Dave Seace, Virgil Roark, Curt Cummings, Carl Smith, Jerry Flynn, Gary Weller

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