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Over the years, the Council news letter, The Trail Blazer,  has published many articles related to Horseshoe Scout Reservation.  Here are some of those articles.  Thanks to Isaac Whyte and others for saving their copies!

Edited by David B. Woodward  [Contribute Info]

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1944 Miscellaneous Articles


Camp Opens June 25th!!!

1944 - Contributed by Anonymous  [Contribute Info] 

From the February 1944 The Trail Blazer...

"Scouting" means "outing" ---- and "outing" means "Horseshoe"! Several Troops have made definite plans for one or more periods at Horseshoe for the '44 Season. All Troops should. Camp will open June 25th, and follow the general plan of previous years.

The Camp Committee is scheduled to meet this month. Final plans will be determined and you will be advised.

The most important thing right now is for each Troop to select the period it expects to attend, then work toward 100 percent attendance! This Season will be our best! A fine Staff with good food and a grand program.

Watch these columns for future announcements concerning Horseshoe.

Coley Retires

1944 - Contributed by John B. Rettew III  [Contribute Info] 

From the February 1944, The Trail Blazer

We were all rather taken back when it was announced at the Annual Meeting of the resignation of C. C. Cole as Camp Ranger. Coley has not enjoyed good health for several years. His many friends throughout the Council and now through out the world wish him better health and continued happiness.  He was presented with a "Boy Scout Statuette" as a memento of the 25th anniversary of the Council and for his fine service to boyhood. The presentation was made by John Ware, 3rd.

Troops going to Horseshoe for Winter Camping will find Coley there to greet you and to see that you have a good time, as his resignation is not effective for several months.

Camp Horseshoe

1944 - Contributed by John B. Rettew III  [Contribute Info] 

From the March 1944 Trail Blazer

Troop #52 of Marshallton, Robert Bunting, Scoutmaster and Troop #20 of Atglen, John Newswanger, Scoutmaster have made reservations for a period of camping at Horseshoe this summer.

The camp fee will be the same as last year, $10 for one week, $19 for two weeks or $50 for the six weeks. Costs are higher than last year, but the Camping Committee felt that a larger camp enrollment over last year would help to offset the increased costs.

Every Troop should make definite plans for Scouts to spend one or more periods at Horseshoe this summer. The camp folder will be out soon.

Camp Horseshoe

1944 - Contributed by John B. Rettew III  [Contribute Info] 

From the May 1944 Trail Blazer

George Cole our new Camp Ranger says he's busy at camp and will have every thing in ship shape for the opening of camp on June 25th.  George says the pool will be as clear as crystal all the way to the bottom of the ten-foot mark. The Commando field will be made bigger and better than ever.

Troop #11 of Berwyn, Al Brawn, Scoutmaster has registered for a full period at Horseshoe and expects to have at least 25 boys.

Troop #7 of Malvern, Kenneth Sowden, Scoutmaster has registered for a full period and expects to have not less than 20 boys.

Better get your Troop registrations in early.

The Camp folder is out -- agree on a period -- have your Scouts register now.

Camp Horseshoe Makes History

1944 - Contributed by John B. Rettew III  [Contribute Info] 

From the September 1944 The Trail Blazer...

Another camping season has now come to a close and is being written up in the record books. It was not just another camp, but one of the finest the Council has ever conducted. Much of the success of the camp was due to the fine work and splendid leadership on the part of every member of the Staff. Such fine leadership could not help but inspire boys to live and practice the Scout Oath and Law.

The camp spirit and camp morale was unusually high all Season. Every camper just had a swell time for his entire stay, and many Scouts would liked to have stayed longer; however for the first time in history we had to say "The camp is full".

A good time is not alone a measure of a successful camp. The things a boy remembers after leaving camp are the new friends he has made while at camp. The campfire programs and Indian Pageants make a real impression on a growing boy. Test passing is a part of the camp program, that's the reason so many advancements are passed at Horseshoe.

We had eight weeks of unusually fine camping weather with very little rain, nice for camping but hard on the Victory Gardens.

We were fortunate in having little or no sickness during the entire camp. Would report the health of the camp as excellent.

We had as our guests for July 22nd The Honorable Owen J. Roberts, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court; Dr. E. K. Fretwell, Chief Scout Executive of the National Council, Boy Scouts of America, and Paul H. Love, Regional Executive of Region Three. The Bentley R. Morrison Memorial Health Lodge was dedicated.

52 outstanding campers were elected by their fellow campers to membership in the Order of the Arrow and all took the Ordeal ceremony on the vreekend of August- 4th, 5th and 6th.

We had 563 Scouts from the Chester County Council camp for a total of 933 camper weeks. This is a gain of 78 percent over last Season.

Our over all figures show 923 Scouts and Scouters camping for a total of 1403 camper weeks. This is a total net gain of 73 percent over last Season.

A total of 54 Troops sent one or more Scouts to camp for at least a week.


Dist. 1 (1943 - 67 indiv. Scouts; 118 Camper Weeks) (1944 - 105 indiv. Scouts; 177 Camper Weeks)

Dist. 2 (1943 - 56 indiv. Scouts; 115 Camper Weeks) (1944 - 91 indiv. Scouts; 178 Camper Weeks)

Dist. 3 (1943 - 54 indiv. Scouts; 70 Camper Weeks) (1944 - 101 indiv. Scouts; 163 Camper Weeks)

Dist. 4 (1943 - 71 indiv. Scouts; 112 Camper Weeks) (1944 - 158 indiv. Scouts; 244 Camper Weeks)

Dist. 5 (1943 - 76 indiv. Scouts; 110 Camper Weeks) (1944 - 108 indiv. Scouts; 157 Camper Weeks)

Total (1943 - 324 indiv. Scouts; 525 Camper Weeks) (1944 - 563 indiv. Scouts; 919 Camper Weeks)

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Special Camp Horseshoe Editions

The upcoming Summer Camp season warrented an entire issue of The Trail Blazer dedicated Camp Horseshoe.  Here are some of those issues.

The entire April 1944 Trail Blazer was dedicated to the upcoming Summer Camp season.

1944 - Contributed by John B. Rettew III  [Contribute Info] 

April 1945 Trail Blazer

1945 - Contributed by John B. Rettew III  [Contribute Info] 

April 1946 Trail Blazer

1946 - Contributed by John B. Rettew III  [Contribute Info] 

The Camp Horseshoe addition of The Trail Blazer in 1949 came out in March.

1949 - Contributed by John B. Rettew III  [Contribute Info] 

April 1952 Trail Blazer

1952 - Contributed by John B. Rettew III  [Contribute Info] 
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