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Camp John H. Ware 3rd

1985 saw Camp Jubilee renamed to Camp John H. Ware 3rd in honor of the former Chester County Council president and member of the U. S. House of Representatives.  Since that time, the Camp has continued to be the site of Scout Summer Camp and special events in addition to becoming the Council's Cub Scout Camp.

Edited by David B. Woodward  [Contribute Info]

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Camp Ware Hymn

The Camp Ware Hymn was written by B. Teodecki (Program Director 2003) and arranged by J. Reilly (Program Director 2003).  The lyrics are sung to Lord of the Dance.
2003 - Contributed by Anonymous  [Contribute Info] 



Listen all as this campfire burns

We ask ourselves "What was my Good Turn?"

What have I done, and what did I learn?

And what will I do 'til I return?



Camp Ware at the bottom of the hills

Where values hold and Scouts learn skills

I'll take what I learn, and my duty I'll fulfill

At dear Camp Ware, at the bottom of the hills.



As the bright sun sets in the azure sky

Darkness comes as the embers slowly die

We'll keep our heads and spirits high

As we bid Camp Ware a last goodbye.


CHORUS (Repeat)



As I walk through life with Scouting care

As I travel the land and the sea and the air

I won't forget what I learned at Camp Ware

The Scout Law and Being Prepared


CHORUS (Repeat)



(Sung when staff alumni are in camp)

On Scouting's 50th Anniversary

A camp was built in the Land of the Free

They took all the best and they called it 'Jubilee'

Deep in the hills of the Land of the Free!


CHORUS (Repeat)

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Camp Ware Theme Song

Camp Ware Theme Song, performed to the melody of Country Roads, Take Me Home by John Denver.
2005 - Contributed by Andrew Coe  [Contribute Info] 
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