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HSRAA Museum - 1973 Camp Staff
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1973 Camp Staff

An assortment of memories from the 1973 Camp season.

Edited by David B. Woodward  [Contribute Info]

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Camp Horseshoe Staff Listing

1973 - Contributed by Steven D'Antonio  [Contribute Info] 

Camp Director
G. Ernest Heegard

Asst. Camp Director
Eric Lorgus

Program Director
James Goudie

Business Manager
Herb Ey

Camp Ranger
George Cole

Health Lodge Director
Jim Mulvaney

Camp Chaplains
Father John Ferrence, Fred Page

Food Service
Charles Henry (Head Cook), Charles Hicks, Glenn Ellison, Bob Rohrbach, Rob Hopkins, Dave Ritter, Henry Skillman, Toby Sepella, Jim Marose

Jim Matthews, Kyle Allen

Steve D'Antonio (Dir.), Dave Benedict, Mark Cavanaugh, John Taylor

Camp Aid
Gary Lorgus

Phil Swab (Dir.), Dave McCowan, Phil George, Pete Ross, Fred Reitnour (Boating Dir.), Mike Ryan

Bob Behrle (Dir.), Tom Fosnocht, Ed Feeney, Mike Brown

Joe Eagan (Dir.), Bill Mayer, Chris Rettew, Alan Fegley

Dave Cline (Dir.), Chuck Lawrence

Field Sports
Dave Swab (Dir.), Fritz Ritter (Archery Dir.), Jamie Axsom

Counselors in Traininig
Mike Cavanugh, Joe Shirtz, Mark Hitchcock, Ed Crompton, Jack Neborak, Rob D'Antonio, Jim Coyle, Chuck Ritter, Tim Myers, Dan Welch, Len Stafford, Jeff Barrett

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