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Camp Horseshoe Recognition

For all the hard work shown in a week down at Summer Camp, Scouts (and Scouters) have been recognized throughout the years with unique awards.

Edited by Andrew Coe  [Contribute Info]

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Individual Awards

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Polar Bear Certificate  

A polar bear certificate issued in 1977.

1977 - Contributed by Craig Dickson  [Contribute Info] 
HSR Certificate for Training  

This certificate was issued for those who finished leadership training.

Contributed by Andrew Coe  [Contribute Info] 
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Camp Award

This award was given out approximately between the years of 1928 - 1940. The criteria for earning this award was:


1) Pass a swimming achievement test.
2) Take at least one overnight hike during the camp period.
3) Pass a first aid achievement test.
4) Do an approved camp improvement.
5) Make an improved article of handicraft.
6) Pass at least three approved test of the next highest rank or two merit badges if a first class scout.
7) Take part in all camp activities.
8) Receive the approval of the camp staff.

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Patrol Awards

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Troop Awards

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Camp Horseshoe Round Patch

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