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Irish Jamboree

In 2000, over 200 boys and girls from County Cork, Ireland visited Camp Ware for two weeks of fun and adventure.

Edited by Andrew Coe  [Contribute Info]

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Jamboree Summary

2000 - Contributed by John B. Rettew III  [Contribute Info] 

200 Boy and Girl Scouts from County Cork, Ireland arrived for the last two weeks of summer camp at Camp John H. Ware, 3rd  August 2000.

Bill Hess was the Camp Leader working with the Irish Scout Leaders while JB and Ellie Rettew served as the head of the service corps of Chester County Council volunteer Scouters.   Marjie Prosock, Ware Camp Director, along with Program Director JB Fischer oversaw the small contingent of Ware Staff that helped with the program activities. Volunteers from the Council included Tom Murphy, Neil Chippendale, Bob ans Sue Fisher and Merideth Barrett. 

Under the leadership of the contingent/camp director Brian, the first week the Irish Scouts were busy on various activities similar to the Scouts who attend Camp Ware. These included swimming, archery, riflery, handicraft  and boating activities as well as Scout skills. The second week was spent touring  away from camp.

Needless to say, everyone enjoyed the Irish songs and conviviality late into each night.

A special “Irish” day was held with the Irish Scouts forming into teams for their “football” games and shiiney sticks. Later, there was a “traditional” Irish celebration in the Ware dining hall. The Irish Scouts were attired in traditional Irish garb. There was much dancing and frivolity which included our Scouters as well as the Irish. We all learned a few more Irish ditties that were sung by the adults well into the night! 

Ellie Rettew provided some “neat things” for the Irish ladies including make-up, lotions, etc. Not having these in Ireland the ladies “ate it up!”

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