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The Aquatics department has always been an important piece of the Camp Ware program.  Swimming was always conducted in the Octoraro Creek until the pool was built in the mid 1960s.

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Pool Activity

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Pool Construction

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See the Camp Ware Pool exhibit for displays about the Ware Pool history. 
See the Horseshoe Aquatics exhibit for displays about the Horseshoe Aquatics program. 
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Raul Laguna shows the kids how the belly flop is done at the Camp Ware pool. 

2016 - Contributed by Anonymous  [Contribute Info] 
Cubs at Camp John H. Ware 3rd try their "feet" at Paddle Boat Tug of War.
2016 - Contributed by Anonymous  [Contribute Info] 
These Scouts see how their engineering prowess pays out with their cardboat boat. 

2013 - Contributed by Anonymous  [Contribute Info] 
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