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The 1990s provided an opportunity for experimentation with program and fundraising.  The C.O.P.E. program at Horseshoe developed as well as its offshoot, the Mountain Biking program, and Scoutcraft outgrew its original design and became the Trailblazer program.  Several different fundraising campaigns by Chester County Council and the Order of the Arrow helped improve existing facilities at HSR and Bill Hess became Reservation Director to help usher in a new era of program and facility excellence.   

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1991 Pictures

HSR Highlights:  Octoraro Lodge 22 hosts the NE-4B conclave.

In This Year: The Soviet Union is dissolved, future BSA president Robert Gates is confirmed as the head of the CIA, the first Starbucks is opened, and the first webpage on the internet appears.  
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1995 Pictures

HSR Highlights:  The final year of Scoutcraft at Camp Horseshoe takes place prior to Trailblazers succeeding the program.

In This Year: eBay is founded, the Oklahoma City bombings kill 168 people, O.J. Simpson is found not guilty of double homicide, the DVD format is announced.
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1997 Pictures

HSR Highlights:  Horseshoe COPE course continues construction, 1997 Section NE-4B Conclave takes place at Camp Horseshoe, 70th anniversary of Camp Horseshoe.

In This Year: Heaven's Gate cultists commit mass suicide, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is published, Titanic premieres and goes on to become highest grossing film ever, Madeleine Albright becomes the first female Secretary of State.
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1999 Pictures

HSR Highlights:  The HSRAA is formed, local prisoner Norm Johnston is hunted near Camp Horseshoe, the mountain biking program at Camp Horseshoe is established.

In This Year: The currency Euro is established, the Columbine High School massacre takes place, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace premieres 16 years after the previous installment, Lance Armstrong wins his first Tour de France, the world population reaches 6 billion people.
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