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The 1980s were a decade of expansion, rebuilding and saying our fond farewells at HSR.  The camp profited from the expansion of the Dining Hall and Headquarters Building, while the newly dedicated Schraam Lodge and Achgeketum Circle were a testament to the devotion of some of HSR's most respected patrons, including G. Ernest Heegard, who retired in 1988 after 29 years as Camp Director of Horseshoe.  Camp Jubilee became Camp John H. Ware 3rd in honor of the politician who donated heavily to camp.

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1980 Pictures

HSR Highlights:  A major addition is added to the Allen Memorial Dining Hall, the new camp road is completed.

In This Year: Ronald Reagan is elected the 40th President of the United States, the Miracle on Ice takes place where the underdog U.S. Olympic Hockey Team defeats the Soviets in the semi-final match, Zimbabwe gains independence from the United Kingdom, the "Who Shot J.R.?" episode of Dallas becomes a national phenomenon.
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1981 Pictures

HSR Highlights:  The Rossiter center is built as an annex to the Horseshoe Headquarters building.

In This Year: MTV is launched, Sandra Day O'Connor becomes the first female Supreme Court Justice of the United States, Lady Diana Spencer marries Prince Charles in a worldwide media event, both Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II survive assassination attempts.
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1982 Pictures

HSR Highlights:  Schraam Lodge is dedicated.

In This Year: The EPCOT center is opened to the public,  the album Thriller by Michael Jackson is released, the Commodore 64 PC is introduced, the first consumer CD player is released.
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1983 Pictures

HSR Highlights:  Octoraro Lodge 22 hosts the Section NE-5A Conclave at Camp Horseshoe.

In This Year: The final episode of M*A*S*H airs and is the most watched TV program in history, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) goes on sale in Japan, Microsoft Word premieres, Vanessa Williams is crowned the first African-American Miss America.
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1985 Pictures

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1986 Pictures

HSR Highlights: Octoraro 22 holds an open house for its 60th anniversary.

In This Year: Voyager 2 makes the first contact with Uranus; Pixar Animation Studios opens; Mir is launched into space; Space Shuttle Challenger explodes in space killing the 7 astronaut crew.
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1988 Pictures

HSR Highlights:  Achgeketum circle is completed, the Polish Scouts in Exile Jamboree takes place at Horseshoe Scout Reservation.

In This Year: PanAm Flight 103 is blown up over Lockerbie, Scotland, George Bush is elected the 41st President of the United States, the Iran-Iraq war ends, the first official night baseball game is played at Wrigley Field.
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