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The Fifties saw the building of the Octoraro Lodge building as well as the formation of the Explorer Base across the creek from Camp Horseshoe, and it later became Camp Jubilee then finally Camp John H. Ware 3rd.

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1958 Pictures

HSR Highlights:  The Explorer Base is opened with Lawrence Lodge being constructed in honor of E. Hibberd Lawrence, new adirondacks are built at Camp Horseshoe.

In This Year: Elvis Presley joins the U.S. Army, the first International House of Pancakes (IHOP) opens, NASA is officially created, the first successful American satellite (Explorer 1) is launched into orbit.
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1959 Pictures

HSR Highlights:  A new rifle range is constructed at Camp Horseshoe, G. Ernest Heegard begins his 29 year tenure as Camp Director of Camp Horseshoe.

In This Year: Motown Records is founded by Berry Gordy, Jr., a plane carrying musicians The Big Bopper, Ritchie Valens and Buddy Holly crashes in Clear Lake, Iowa, the Barbie doll debuts, Busch Gardens in Tampa, FL is opened, Hawaii is admitted as the 50th state, The Twilight Zone premieres on CBS.
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