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Despite the immeasurable impact from World War II on America, Camp Horseshoe continues without interruption in the 40s to help develop future leaders.  To assist in those efforts, new structures are built - including the Morrison Health Lodge - and Roberts' Day is instituted to salute one of the main benefactors of the era, Hon. Owen J. Roberts.

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1944 Pictures

HSR Highlights:  The Morrison Health Lodge is dedicated in honor of the Rev. Bentley Morrison, George Cole becomes HSR Ranger after his father C.C. Cole retires.

In This Year: The D-Day invasion begins the Allied Forces' reclamation of European turf during WWII, Anne Frank and her family are captured in Amsterdam, Franklin D. Roosevelt becomes the only president to be elected to a fourth term, posters featuring Smokey Bear are released for the first time.
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1946 Pictures

HSR Highlights:  Justice Owen J. Roberts honors J. Gibson McIlvain at Camp Horseshoe during Roberts' Day celebrations.

In This Year: The first meeting of the United Nations occurs in London, the Central Intelligence Group (later CIA) is formed, Mensa International is founded.
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1947 Pictures

HSR Highlights:  The Horseshoe headquarters building opens.

In This Year: Jackie Robinson becomes the first African-American to play in Major League Baseball, a UFO is found in Roswell, New Mexico, the Air Force is spun out from the Army to become its own branch of the Armed Services, the "Black Dahlia" murder takes place in Hollywood and still remains unsolved
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1949 Pictures

HSR Highlights:  William Thornhill takes over as Camp Director of Horseshoe following the long tenure of Frank Beam.

In This Year:  The first TV Western Hopalong Cassidy premieres on NBC, the People's Republic of China is proclaimed, NATO is formed, the Federal Republic of Germany is formed.
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