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The thirties saw Camp Horseshoe grow tremendously. Far from the simple farm lands it had been founded upon, the camp built new facilities and began traditions that lasted through to this day.

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1930 Pictures

HSR Highlights:  Justice Owen J. Roberts dedicates the Heistand Pool at Camp Horseshoe.

In This Year: Mahatma Gandhi leads the Salt March to protest the British monopoly on salt, Twinkies are invented, Constantinople's name is changed to Istanbul, the first frozen foods are sold by Birdseye go on sale in Springfield, Massachussetts.
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1938 Pictures

HSR Highlights:  Rev. Bentley creates a Senior Scout program for Nature enthusiasts at the Natureheart campsite, fire destroys the Crockett, Carson and Taylor campsites.

In This Year: The March of Dimes is created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Seabiscuit defeats War Admiral by four lengths in their famouse horse race at Pimlico Race Course, Howard Hughes sets a new record by flying 91 hours around the world, German troops occupy and annex Austria.
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