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The first decade to include HSR's history was nearly at an end when the Reynolds property was purchased and developed into Chester County County's much-needed permanent long-term camping facility.  The first campsites were built, as well as the first stockade buildings erected, and the reservation began its illustrious and still continuing tenure as one of the best in the country.

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1928 Pictures

HSR Highlights:  Camp Horseshoe opens its gates to the first summer camp season.

In This Year: Penicillin is discovered by Alexander Fleming, Herbert Hoover is elected President of the United States, Eliot Ness of the FBI begins to lead the Prohibition Unit in Chicago, Steamboat Willie is released featuring Mickey Mouse and sound for the first time in a film.
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1929 Pictures

HSR Highlights:  The Camp Horseshoe organ first makes an appearance, and the first issue of The Echo is published at camp.

In This Year: The First Annual Academy Awards are presented, the St. Valentine's Day Massacre occurs in Chicago where rivals of Al Capone are murdered, the Wall Street Crash of 1929 occurs which contributes to the start of the Great Depression, the Geneva Convention addresses treatment for prisoners of war.
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