Directory History and Geography Spirit of the Horseshoe


Edited by David B. Woodward  [Contribute Info]


1994 - Contributed by John B. Rettew III  [Contribute Info] 

Camp Horseshoe and Camp John H. Ware, 3rd. were in full form this summer as our history was being "put to bed". Glenn Runyon was back as Director of Horseshoe; and, this year the Camp John H. Ware, 3rd Director was Steve McCall-Carter. Steve, by the way was the grandson of one of the first Staff members at the Explorer Base, Frank Pearson. Roy Cole was our third generation Camp Ranger and Bill Hess, Horseshoe Reservation Manager, was providing valuable oversight to the camping operation.

The 1994 Staff at Camp Horseshoe was set off on a good start under the leadership of Glenn Runyon. Pete Mendez from Baltimore was back on board as Program Director. Rich Foot returned as the Director of the newly relocated Nature Lodge. Nature Lodge was at the Rothrock Lodge this year to make room for the Roberts Lodge's use for troop camping. He was assisted by Willie Scott along with Instructors Tim Long, Fran Donovan, John Callahan and Mike Beadner. Pete Lesley was Aquatics Director assisted by Instructors Matt McAloon, Joel Furfari, Rick Alloway, Jim Obernier and David Bingham. Up and coming Staff included Josh Commolli at the Boat Docks and Joe Obernier at Aquatics. Jake Carrigan was Director of Handicraft along with Instructors Jeremiah Rosenlund, Chris Flipse and Jon DeVirgilio. Director of Campcraft was Dave Franz assisted by Pete Horvath. Campcraft Instructors were Jeff Balmat, James Pine and Dave Schurr. Scoutcraft Director Eric Wilson was assisted by Brenden Battefelder and Brian Williams. Eric Kutay was Director for Shooting Sports and Will Cass was Archery Director. Jermiah Dunn was Instructor in Shooting Sports. 

Feeding campers well-balanced and appealing meals is always a challenge in a Scout camp and one of the most important parts of camp life and more importantly at the Allen Memorial Dining Hall. This year, Mike McKinney returns to his former job of Food Service Director. Horseshoe's First Cook was Joe Curran, assisted by Josh Foreman and Eric Stout. Richard Riale was the Preparation Cook. The Dining Hall Steward was Joe Lombardo; Book Keeper Doug Densmore; and, Head Dishwasher John Boldin. Dishwashers were John Dean, Chris Honeycutt, Curtis Lauser, Gene Smith and Jim Ewaka. The challenging job of Maintenance Director was given to Mike Berkeheiser assisted by Eric Baughman. Also serving in a key spot as Trading Post Manager on the Horseshoe Camp Staff this summer was Lisa Runyon, the Camp Director's spouse. She was assisted by Nate Markowski and Chip Childers. Business Manager was Scott Davis and Headquarters Director was Andy Smith. Matt Acton was HQ Clerk. Tom Hillhouse was Camp Commissioner.

Mary Ann Foard served as Health Officer. Jim Rattie and Richard McQuillis assisted her at the Morrison Memorial Health Lodge.

Indicative of the dedication of the Staff to Camp Horseshoe, is the fact that all four previous recipients of the "JB Rettew" award were serving on the 1994 Camp Staff.

Glenn Runyon had many fine camping experiences at Horseshoe which began in the Octoraro campsite in 1978 as a member of Troop 14 of West Chester. Ernie Heegard served as an inspiration to him in the many years as a camper and later as an adult leader and when he was on the Camp Staff. Setting a good example and the need to protect and build on the traditions of Horseshoe are the key goals that Glenn has set for his Staff and Horseshoe. He comments:

"I love Camp Horseshoe...this job is fun and I enjoy it because of that. Horseshoe attracts me and really can't point to any one thing that makes Horseshoe attractive, it is for a conglomerate of reasons."

Steve Carter, Camp John H. Ware, 3rd Director, had as his Program Director, Ben Bruton. Ben was one of several brothers that had served on the Camp John H. Ware, 3rd Staff over the years. Other Ware Staff members were Richard Anacker, Business Manager; Michelle Wiggins, Health Officer; and, Tim Mazur, Maintenance Director. Matleen Cole was the Trading Post Manager assisted by Craig Reynolds. Dexter Massorotti was the Maintenance Assistance. Clark Greene was the Shooting Sports Director as well as the chief photographer of troops staying at both Camp Horseshoe and Camp John H. Ware, 3rd. He was assisted by Andy Gentry, Rifle range Director and Scott Arni as Archery Director. Both Alex McCausland and Pete Laspina assisted at Shooting Sports. The Assistant Nature Director was Rick Mann with Instructors Eric Sadi and Alex Kehler. 

At Camp John H. Ware, 3rd's pool, Bill Radford was the Aquatics Director with Kelly Forczek serving as Pool Director. Instructors included Aaron Boyd and Liam Coughlin. Kevin Wilson was the Campcraft Director and Assistant Program Director. Eric Rosenberger and Eric Dill were his Instructors. Barbara Parsons was the Handicraft Director with Instructors Luke Owens (brother of Paul Owens, former Ware and Horseshoe Director) and Tom Leret assisting. 

Providing the meals for the campers including Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts at Camp John H. Ware,3rd were Head Cook Junior Webber, Cook Brett Montich along with Dining Hall Steward/ Commissary head Ross Flaharty. The Dishwasher crew included Matthew Peterson, Matthew Kratz and Tom Kravitz.

Reported at the time this passage was being written was an activity that 150 Scouts enjoyed at Camp John H. Ware, 3rd. A special "auction" event was held. Each Scout camper was able to procure 'money' (play, of course) during the day which they could use to bid on items at the auction that evening. They bid on such things as - a midnight swim, the first to be able to go home from camp on Saturday and a number of other offerings of a fun and unusual nature. According to Bill Hess, Reservation Manager, it was a "real fun time!' (It is not known how many items Bill may have bid upon.)


Summer camping in the Council again was strong. Horseshoe had 1842 campers while 243 Scouts took advantage of the Philmont experience along with other Scouting High Adventure bases. The Philmont crews proudly displayed the Council's 75th Anniversary banner at the Ranch. 93 Scouts had long-term camping experiences outside the Council and there were a combined total of 1017 Webelos and Cub Scouts taking advantage of either long term camping or day camp opportunities. At Horseshoe, in the final weeks of the summer, strong support was given the Aquatics when Bill Thresher, Tim Healy, Jeff Kravec and former Aquatics Director John Murphy came on board to assist the Horseshoe Staff. Capping off the fine camping season was the Staff Banquet at which time the 'JB Rettew' award was presented to Jon DiVirgilio for his contribution to the positive experience of the campers and leaders.


Wood Badge training took place during August and September this year. Thirty-two participants took the practical training at Camp John H. Ware, 3rd as part of Gilwell Troop 1 of Course NE-IV-66. The final chapter of the Spirit of the Horseshoe announced the leadership of the troop under the direction of Scoutmaster William E. Iorio. Jim Klucar became Senior Patrol Leader due to a staff change. He provided strong leadership to the troop along with his Assistant, Mike Reichart. Mike joined the training staff from the Hawk Mountain Council of Reading, Pennsylvania. He was part of a cooperative venture with that council. His leadership and experiences in his 'cluster council training' added much to the learning experiences of the course participants.

Participants in NE-IV-66 Wood Badge course included - Tom Badman, Merideth Barrett, Dave Brant, Joe Carbo, Gerry Cavanaugh, Sam Coale, Dennis Cook, Greg Hanes, Ed Popchock, Gerry Giess, Harry Gladfelter, Dennis Hatton, Morris Hendricks, Joe Hinjosa, Dave Hohl, Jim Hart, Sharon Jordan, Don Liester, Dave Manson, Susan Nace, Greg Newman, Bunny Pickel, Betty Quay, George Quay, John Schoener, Bill Sedar, Joe Sivco, Art Thomas, Bill Thresher, Larry Turnbull, Greg Vanderlaan, and David Ward. Elected permanent Senior Patrol Leader was Ed Popchock.