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HSRAA Museum - 1977 Camp Staff
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1977 Camp Staff

Memories of the 1977 Horseshoe Camp Staff.

Edited by David B. Woodward  [Contribute Info]

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Staff Photos

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Plaques and Memorabilia

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Staff Listing

Staff Listing

1977 - Contributed by David B. Woodward  [Contribute Info] 

Camp Director
G. Ernest Heegard

Assistant Camp Director
Eric R Lorgus

Program Director
F. Matthew Christenson

Health Lodge
Charles (Chuck) W Cline (Director)

J. Frederick Hoopes (Director), Richard E Ide Jr (Boating Director), Peter J Motel, David C Gurnee, Kevin Y Berger, Timothy P Ikeda (CIT), Bryan Zink (CIT)

Richard M Mason Jr (Director), Howard Doran, Richard A Beers, Andrew W Fish (CIT), Ken Tunnell (CIT)

Field Sports
W. Stuart Watson III (Director), Edward McAssey (Archery Director), David Allen Funck, George Billings (CIT), Glenn R Siegele (CIT)

Peter H Ross (Director), David B Woodward, George F Pfieffer Jr, James G Yentz (CIT), Bill Ward (CIT)

Eric R Lorgus (Director), Douglas C MacGregor (Trading Post Manager), Kevin K Cullather (CIT), Shawn Riley (CIT), Alastair Smith (CIT)

Gary M Lorgus (Director), Russell B Spencer, Frank J Clark, Art Bender, William H Nields (CIT), Dan Pawling (CIT)

Robert A D'Antonio (Director), Alan R Hicks, Kevin D Fulmer, Greg M Regan, R. Bradley Wilson (CIT), Paul Fegley (CIT)

Dining Hall
Kevin W mcDermott (Director), Robert G Hopkins (Head Cook), David Ritter (Second Cook), Scott C Chiccino (Third Cook), Mark T Welles (Commissary Director), Joseph R Smith, Alger J Heeps Jr, George Verolopulo, Robert J Lacey, Richard E Walker, Andrew L Harris, Thomas Stone, James L Pacana, John A Hendricks, Richard Birchard, George Bradford, Walter Woolman, Randy Biggs, Joseph Heaps

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Yearbook Cover

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Coley Awards

Coley Awards  The Coley Awards were announced at the staff banquet and published in this year's Staff Yearbook.
1977 - Contributed by David B. Woodward  [Contribute Info] 
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