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HSRAA Museum - 1976 Camp Staff
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1976 Camp Staff

Memories from the bicentenial camp staff.

Edited by David B. Woodward  [Contribute Info]

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1976 - Contributed by David B. Woodward  [Contribute Info] 

Reservation Director
George E. Test

Camp Director
G. Ernest Heegard

Business Manager
Herb Ey

Camp Ranger
George Cole

Program Director / Assistant Camp Director
James Goudie

Administration / Assistant Camp Director
Eric Lorgus

David Bateman (Office Manager), Mike Moore (Trading Post Manager), Douglas MacGregor (CIT)

Health Lodge
Joe Fecondo (Director)

Program Aide
Tim Bechtel

Food Services
Jim DiCecco (Director), Rob Hopkins (Head Cook), Dave Ritter (Assistant Cook), Clinton Tumlin (Dining Hall Steward), Vincent Yale (Commissary Director), Philip Vernon, Kelly DeWees, Robert Cooper, Dan Trasatti, Scott Brannan, Alger Heaps, Larry March, John Kellerman, John Keenan, George Pfeiffer, George Varolopulo

Mark Siegle (Director), Kevin McDermott, Chuck Small, Scott Chiccino, Joe Handoe (CIT)

Bill Grubb (Director), Pete Ross (Asst Director), George Clark and Richard E. Ide, Jr (Boating Directors), Dave Gurnee, Pete Motel, Bruce Jones (CIT), Eric Longenecker (CIT)

Matt Christenson (Director), Rusty Spencer, Brett Barraclough, Pete Bechtel, John Kemmerer (CIT), Howard Doran (CIT)

Nature Director
Alan Fegley (Director), Rob D'Antonio, Thomas Graydus, Rob Lenker, John Keenan (CIT), Kevin Fulmer (CIT)

Field Sports
Bill Childe (Director), Rich Mason (Archery Director), Allen Eagles Jr., Greg Regan (CIT)

Keith Hollander (Director), Dave Woodward, Andy Motel, Ralph Buckles Jr (CIT), Roger Hurst (CIT)

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