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Memories from the 'Year of the Turtle'

Edited by David B. Woodward  [Contribute Info]

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Staff Listing

1975 - Contributed by David B. Woodward  [Contribute Info] 

Reservation Director
Walter Ryan, Jr

Camp Director
G. Ernest Heegard

Program Director / Asst Camp Director
James Goudie

Business Manager
Herb Ey

Camp Ranger
George Cole

Father John Ferrence

Gary Lorgus (Program Assistant), Rusty Spencer (Program Aide)

Health Lodge
Chuck Cline (Director)

Rob Hopkins (Director), Dave Ritter (Trading Post Manager), Drew Schwartz and Rick Craig (Office Managers), Joe Smith (CIT), Mike Moore (CIT)

John Taylor (Director), Kevin McDermott, Chuck Small, Scott White (CIT), Scott Chiccino (CIT)

Food Services
Stuart Watson (Director), Charles Henry (Head Cook), Charles Hicks (Assistant Cook), Ken Lesley (Dining Hall Steward), Jim DiCecco (Commissary Director), Allen Eagles (Kitchen Manager), Vincent Yale, Philip Vernon, Larry Young, Dan Trasatti, Ross Millington, Paul Vernon, Kelly Dewees

Matt Christenson (Director), Rich Mason, Wayne Moore, John Kemmerer (CIT), Scott Harrop (CIT)

Bill Grubb (Director), Pete Ross, Phil George, Edward McAssey, Mark Siegle, Pete Motel (CIT), Dave Gurnee (CIT)

Alan Fegley (Director), Rob D'Antonio, Rob Harrison, Rob Lenker, Dave Woodward (CIT), Michael Goodman (CIT)

Field Sports
Bob Broody (Director), Dave Benedict (Archery Director), Dave Aquadro (Co-Director), Kevin Forsyth (Co-Director), Ed Crompton, Brett Barraclough (CIT)

Roger Souser (Director), Jamison Darnell, Steve Huber, Robinson Grant, Andrew Motel (CIT), Dave Woodward (CIT)

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Legend of the Turtle

1975 - Contributed by David B. Woodward  [Contribute Info] 

Round about the third camper week in 1975, the nature staff received a call from Headquarters that the camp ranger, George Cole, had found a turtle on the camp road.  This did not seem all that interesting to the staff so Al Fegley (Nature Director) sent me, the lowly C.I.T. to run down to headquarters and pick it up.  Everyone figured it was a snapping turtle that had wandered up from the Octoraro onto the old camp road.  I met Coley at his jeep in front of Headquarters and he handed me a 5 gallon bucket.  The rather large turtle, the likes of which I had never seen before, barely fit into the bucket.  I was very anxous to have the more experienced nature counselors identify the strange reptile. 

Upon returning to the Nature Lodge, I showed the specimen to rest of the staff.  They too were confounded by the creature and quickly pulled out the field guides.  The turtle had stubby rear feet and flipper like front feet.  We couldn't find anything native to our area in the books that remotely resembled our guy.  The closest thing we could find were gopher tortoises but there were none indigenous to Pennsylvania or Maryland.  Al Fegley was headed home for a day off and decided to take the turtle to the Philadelphia Zoo for help with the identification.  As it turned out, our new friend had wandered very far home and was in fact a Florida Gopher Tortoise.  The species happened to be endangered so the zoo kept the tortoise and returned it to its native Florida.  While this solved the identity mystery, it did not explain how the turtle got to Camp Horseshoe.  As far as I know, that is still a mystery today. 

A few days later, Coley came looking for his turtle.  He wanted it back and rumor had it, he was pretty peeved when he heard the story of the turtle's trip to Florida.  For the rest of the summer, Al Fegley had to lay low when Coley came around.  'Any you boys Fegley?'  I remember being a bit concerned that George might think that I was Al since I had gotten the turtle from him in the first place.  This event inspired many jokes as well as the staff plaque, the staff yearbook cartoon and the following Staff Will and Echo 'Staff Short' items:

Staff Short -

"Another Nature Lodge rumor: A Florida gopher tortoise was found on the camp road.  Sure, Mac.  Who told you that—a three-eared rabbit??"

Staff Will -

“To AL FEGLEY we will one exact replica of a gopher tortoise and/or a reserved spot on Coles' trophy wall…”

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