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HSRAA Museum - 1985 Camp Staff
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1985 Camp Staff

A collection of memories from the 1985 Staff

Edited by David B. Woodward  [Contribute Info]

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Camp Staff Photos

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Horseshoe Staff Listing

1985 - Contributed by Mark C. Hammond  [Contribute Info] 

Camp Director
G. Ernest Heegard

John F. Kemmerer (Program Director), Jeff Spritzer, Jeff Mathews (CIT), Arthur David Muegge (CIT)

Frank Edwards

Health Lodge
Donall E. Kenny (Director), Brian Pyle

Scott DeHaven (Director), Earle Test, James Kimmel (Trading Post Manager), David Gerbstadt (CIT), Ray Wolfgang (CIT), Jim McKeever (CIT)

Food Services
Timothy Michael Lund (Director), John Strong (Dining Hall Steward), Paul Kline (Bookkeeper), Patrick E. Flannery (Head Cook), Herb Young (Commissary Mgr), Dean Weaver, Jim Soltysiak, Bill Bryan, Mike Short, Jeff Neff, Glenn Dunlap, Tom Audette, Jeff Spencer, Tom Kirkner

O.A. Building Manager
Eric Bliss

Brian Place (Director), Kip Scarlett, John Mackay, Bob Bell, Paul Vincent, Rich Lee Laign (CIT)

Field Sports
S. Kyle Kuhn (Director), Bob Reczek Jr. (Archery Director), Charles Dulin, Mike Taylor (CIT), Arne Solbak (CIT), Neil Davis (CIT)

Raymond L. Plante (Director), William J. Prestia, Todd A. Ward, Alen Soles, Mike Rivituso, Alen Soles (CIT), Steven Farley (CIT)

Bob Matje (Director), Mark Kiernan, Ivan Gerrity, Stuart Boose, David Muegge (CIT), David Williamson (CIT)

Jeff Hughes (Director), Mark Hammond, Dirk Diener, Wayne Vincent (CIT)

John D. Munday (Director), Pete Lesley (Boating Director), Fred Stelwagon, Eric Swanson, John Spencer, Andrew Minster, Mark Butler (CIT), Dan Zwaan (CIT), Chris Morgan (CIT)

Camp Ranger
Roy Cole

Staff Helpers
Karl 'Moose' Winsch, Pete Motel, Sam Dinsmore, Dave Sherwood

Council Program Director
Jim Dukovic

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Camp Ware Staff Snapshots

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The 1985 Horseshoe Staff Yearbook Cover. Yes it's the map to Jubilee, it's an inside joke.

1985 - Contributed by Jim Soltysiak  [Contribute Info] 
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