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Special Programs and Events

Special Programs and Events

Besides the Summer programs at Horseshoe and Ware, HSR provides year-long activities ranging from Special Camporees and Woodbadge to Venture Camping, YLT, Winter Camping and more!
Rooms include:
  HSR Training
  Special Events
  Special Summer Programs
  Winter Camping
  Octoraro Lodge #22
Camp Staff

Camp Staff

Chosen from some of the best Scouts and Scouters that Chester County Council (and beyond) has to offer, the Summer Camp staffs' responsibility is to provide advancement opportunities to Cubs, Boy Scouts and other groups in a fun environment. As you'll see from some of the exhibits, most find that it's a two-way street in that regard.
Rooms include:
  1919 through the 1930s Staff
  1940s and 50s Staff
  1960s Staff
  1970s Staff
  1980s Staff
  1990s Staff
  2000s Staff
  2010s Staff
  Staff Memorabilia
  Staff Leaders and Recognition
Summer Program

Summer Program

This floor is dedicated to the traditional summer program that has been offered at Horseshoe Scout Reservation since the 1920s.
Rooms include:
  Sights and Sounds
  Group Photos
  Horseshoe Program Areas
  Camp Ware Program Areas
  Campwide Activities
Reservation Facilities

Reservation Facilities

This floor is full of the facilities that have made Horseshoe Scout Reservation memorable for all who have camped there.
Rooms include:
  Ware Buildings
  Ware Outdoor Facilities
  Horseshoe Buildings
  Horseshoe Outdoor Facilities
History and Geography

History and Geography

89 years of camping on the shores of the Octoraro creek amounts to a lot of memories. Stroll through the halls of history and learn a bit about the people, places and events that have made an impact on the lives of thousands of Scouts since 1928.
Rooms include:
  Camp Geography
  Before there was Horseshoe...
  Spirit of the Horseshoe
  Camp Ware
  Publications and Productions
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