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The second goal of the HSRAA mission statement is " be a benefactor to the Reservation...". To fulfull this goal, the Alumni Association has overseen a series of projects since it's inception.

Each year, we've performed an improvement project at the Reservation. Over the years, we expended approximately $135,000 (as of Summer 2010 - need an updated figure) in these capital improvements, and the feedback has been uniformly positive. We are particularly proud of the Camp Horseshoe Parade Field improvements, which included re-grading and seeding, construction of numerous stone walls and stairways, new troop flag poles and a new main flagpole. This project helps the camp put its best face on for visitors (especially during the Saturday night retreats), and helps to lend the appropriate level of seriousness to the daily retreat ceremony.

The new Archery structure at Camp Ware has also proven to be a big hit. Although last year's primary project, the redesign and reconstruction of the Camp Horseshoe trash yard, does not sound particularly exciting, it was sorely needed.

For a complete description of all of the past and present HSRAA sponsored projects, go to the Projects page of the website.

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