Preserve the Spirit of Horseshoe


The first goal in the HSRAA mission is "to preserve and promote the spirit and heritage of Horseshoe Scout Reservation and its camps..." To fulfill this goal, the HSRAA created and maintains a Virtual Museum as an extension of this website.

The HSRAA Virtual Museum (VM) "opened its doors" in 2009 and has grown steadily since that initial unveiling. Today the VM holds over 4000 artifacts in 220+ exhibits. Artifacts include pictures, documents, letters, movies and anything else that can be digitally saved and displayed. The history of Camps Horseshoe and Ware as well as previous Council Camps Lafayette and Rothrock are forever Missing... preserved here. The VM is divided into five floors, each geared toward a specific category of history; 'History and Geography', 'Reservation Facilities', 'Summer Program', 'Camp Staff' and 'Special Programs and Events'.

The artifacts have been contributed by over 75 HSR Alumni. While the history contained within the VM "walls" can keep you busy for days, there is still a ton of material sitting on your shelves, in your closets, attics, basements and Scout Houses! All members are encouraged to contribute. Another advantage of a Virtual Museum is that you can still hold the original artifact in your own personal collection!

Visit the HSRAA Virtual Museum today!

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