HSRAA elects a slate of board members annually at our summer reunion. The board meets roughly 6 times each year. Board meetings are typically in the vicinity of West Chester, PA but conference calling technology allows for participation by phone if necessary.

The current board members are:

  • Dick Bensing ('57)
  • Andrew Coe
  • A.J. DiAntonio ('90)
  • Matt Griffin ('91)
  • John Kemmerer ('73 - Chairman)
  • Ben Linskens
  • Chris McConnell
  • Steve Miller ('71)
  • J.B. Rettew ('44)
  • Jake Segal ('03)
  • Damon Sinclair ('64)
  • Andy Smith ('87)
  • Rick 'Stick' Smith ('88)
  • Dave Woodward ('71)

The HSRAA Board is always in need of new members to help us plan and implement new initiatives that fulfill our mission. If you are interested yourself, or if you would like to recommend someone else for our board, please contact John Kemmerer at chairman@hsraa.org.

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